Locations & flyers will be available closer to the competition date and will be updated on the LA Jets Calendar

Note: B-1 & B-2 refer to the events that are run at that particular meet and indicate a 1 day meet. An “A” is a two day meet and consists of all the events in both a B-1 & B-2 Meet.

February 29, 2020Valley United “B” (tentative)
March 07, 2020Long Beach Sprinters “B-1”
March 14, 2020Bay Cities Unleashed “B-2”
March 21, 2020Pacific Coast Shockwaves “B-1”
March 28, 2020LA Jets Relay Carnival
April 04, 2020Chino Pumas “B-2”
April 11, 2020Pasadena Running Roses Field Event Festival “A” Meet
April 18-19, 2020Imani Speed City Invitational “A”
April 25-26, 2020Long Beach Sprinters Invitational “A”
May 02-03, 2020Bay Cities Unleashed Invitational “A”
May 09-10, 2020Open
May 16-17, 2020Pasadena Running Roses Invitational “A”
May 22-24, 2020LA Jets Invitational “A”
May 30-31, 2020Pacific Coast Shockwaves Invitational “A”
June 12-14, 2020USATF Southern California Association Youth Championship