Updated  January 17th, 2024

It’s time to get ready for 2024 Track & Field!

We take beginners!


2024 Track & Field Information

START DATE: Saturday, December 9th, 2023, 9:00am– Edward Vincent Park, Inglewood.

Location: George Washington Prep High School -10860 Denker Ave. Los Angeles (track is located on the corner of 108th & Normandie

The Los Angeles Jets offer a rigorous Track & Field Program for Boys & Girls aged 6-16 years old. Athletes must be turning at least 7 in 2024 or older in order to join. They MUST know how to tie their own shoes well and tight.

We are considered a highly competitive, traveling Track & Field Club. It is not a Parks & Recreation team. All athletes on the team will compete. Dedication and commitment is expected from all athletes as well as Parents/Guardians. Jet athletes may not participate in other sports or physical activities during the practice season or competition season. We intend to keep them as healthy as possible both mentally and physically.

Consistently coming to practice and being on time are necessary and required. Team practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-7:30pm Saturday mornings at 9:00am-11:00am. Specialty practices for relays, field events and/or special work could be held on Mondays. Athletes must be on time to practice on Saturday mornings. There is a 15 minute grace period during the week. Athletes arriving after 5:45 will not be able to practice.

Items needed for each practice for each athlete:

  • Duffle or back pack large enough for sweats, shoes and a water bottle
  • t-shirt that covers the full abdomen
  • shorts (mid-thigh or longer)
  • sweat pants (tights under shorts do not count)
  • sweat shirt or light workout jacket
  • running shoes (tennis shoes with support)
  • Middle-distance running spikes will be required when we go to the track in January
  • reusable hydro flask with water
  • asthma pump in the bag if the athlete suffers from asthma

These items are needed for each athlete. Siblings need their own bag and hydro flask.

We compete in the USA Track and Field program at the local (Los Angeles Metropolitan Area), Regional (Southern California, Las Vegas and San Diego) and National (Junior Olympics) Levels.  The team serves the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We will begin competition season in March and continue through the end of May. Post season begins in June and could go as long as the end of July for the Junior Olympics. Meets in March will be on Saturdays only. Beginning in April meets will be held on Saturdays and Sundays.

In order to try-out or resume with the team each athlete must have a new or renewed USATF membership. Former athletes and transferring athletes must RENEW and new athletes must obtain a new USATF membership.  The membership needs to be in the name of the athlete, not the Parent/Guardian. New athletes must also upload a copy of the athlete’s birth certificate into the USATF Connect system.    Click the link NOVEMBER 1ST OR LATER  to obtain or renew a membership. USATF Connect.  To upload a copy of the birth certificate click on “athlete verification” and then “date of birth verification” within the athlete’s profile.

  • USATF Membership–$30 plus service fee
  • LA Jets Club Membership–$75
  • 1-2 fundraisers during the season
  • With the exception of the USATF membership these fees will cover club insurance, USATF club fee, practice facility rental, equipment, meet entry fees, transportation to out of town meets, items needed for Jet hosted events, etc.

We will participate in 1-2 out of town meets during the regular season. Our Southern California Association Youth Championships will be held locally in Southern California in early June.  Our Region 15 Championship is scheduled to be held in late June in Las Vegas, NV. This is a meet only for those that qualify in the Southern California Association Championship held in early June. We will culminate the season with those athletes that qualify for the Junior Olympics. This event will be held at Texas A&M University in College Park, Texas, July 22nd- July 28th, 2024.


Click here to learn more about the history of our club.


USATF 2023 Season Age Divisions

Age Division Year of Birth
8 & Under 2016 or later
9 – 10 2014 – 2015
11 – 12 2012 – 2013
13 – 14 2010 – 2011
15 – 16 2008 – 2009
17 – 18 2006 – 2007




Track Events

  • 100 Meters
  • 200 Meters
  • 400 Meters
  • 800 Meters
  • 1500 Meters
  • 3000 Meters
  • 100m Hurdles/200m Hurdles
  • 4×100 Meter Relay
  • 4×400 Meter Relay
  • 4×800 Meter Relay

Field Events

  • Long Jump
  • Discus
  • Regulation Javelin (13 & older), Aero Javelin (11-12), Mini Javelin (10and under)
  • Shotput