2021 Cross Country Practice & Tryout Information

7/26/21 Update

Come one, come all, Los Angeles Jets cross country starts this Fall.

You have to be a member of the USATF.org in order to participate on our team. If your child is a transfer or new, join the USATF between August 1st – August 14th, 2021 (Go to USATF.org, click “USATF Connect Login” and then “Join Now” under Individual Membership) so that the national office can confirm you through prior to the start of practice.

August 21, 2021 is the date of our first practice, so if you want your child to run, don’t be late.

Practice starts at 9:30am and packets will be handed out, read all the information so you have no doubt.

The Cross Country season will begin on Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 9:30am and tryouts will be conducted at every practice (practice is held four days per week).  We will conduct all practices in accordance with City & State health protocols and are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Practice Days & Times:  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday @ 5:30 pm and Saturday @ 9:30 am.

Cross Country meets are held on Saturdays throughout Southern California and the regular season lasts from September to December.  Once practice begins, we will conduct cross-country team tryouts every practice day.  In order to make the team your child must be able to do the workouts without stopping or walking.  

Contact:  Coach Dawna Watson – (310) 908-6935

Club Fee:  $55.00 for returning athletes and $75.00 for new athletes (includes USATF League Registration).

Where: Centinela Park (Formerly known as Edward Vincent Park)

Start of Practice Meeting Place:  The athletes meet next to the new Football/Soccer Field in front of the parking lot/playground.

Age Eligibility:  Boys & Girls aged Five (5) to Fifteen (15)